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What is a Retreat?

A Retreat is usually a prolonged time (from a day of recollection to a month) set apart, in order to listen more deeply to one’s heart and to God. A retreat can be made with others in a group retreat, or by oneself in an individual, private retreat. One can have a retreat director who will act as a guide and companion in the retreat, or one can make it without a guide or director. There are retreats that can be made within the busyness of one’s life (“retreat in daily life”) but usually retreats are made in a time and place apart, to enable one to quiet down and truly listen to God.


Why should I go on a retreat?

One goes on a retreat because one feels a desire to find meaning and direction in life, because one wants to quiet down and rest one’s mind and heart, because one senses that there is more to life than just doing, doing, doing, because one wants a more personal and deeper relationship with God, or simply because one seeks one’s true self, and one seeks God.

How should I go about it?

Consider our weekend retreats for calendar 2018 retreats or call the Cenacle Retreat Office, and simply say that you want to go for a retreat. The staff will then guide you through the process step by step. They will need to ask some personal questions, such as your age, civil status, needs or reasons for wanting a retreat. These questions are asked so that the Cenacle can better “match” you with a Cenacle Sister who can be your guide or director in the retreat. Be assured that all information shared with the Cenacle are considered confidential.

Do I need to pay?

The work of retreats and spiritual direction is a ministry in the Church that has been entrusted by the Holy Spirit to the Cenacle Sisters, therefore the Sisters do not turn down any ministry request on the grounds of inability to pay. However, the Sisters also support themselves through their work, and it is also a matter of justice to give what one can rightly afford, for the ministry the Sisters give. There are basic rates for group retreats and individual retreats, which the Retreat Office can give you. Also, a stipend is given to the Sister for every spiritual direction session. The Retreat Office can give you the usual rates for spiritual direction. However, these rates for the Sisters’ stipend are only recommended; what is just for both the director and the directee is the principle followed.