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Private/Directed Retreats – This is for only one person, and is given by a Cenacle Sister who consults with the retreatant daily to offer guidance and whatever help is needed. It could be the complete Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius for 30 days or an adaptation for a shorter period. A Cenacle Sister plans the retreat with the individual according to personal desires, capacities and needs.

Guided Retreats – An Adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises. Guidelines and suggestions for prayer are given to the group, with time for personal prayer and reflection. Retreatants may also be provided with opportunities for individual guidance and direction. (Click on link below to see list of Guided Retreat with specific themes.)

19th Annotation Retreat – Also known as “the retreat in daily life”. Its name comes from No. 19 of the Introductory Notes of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It speaks of how a person, wishing to grow in the spiritual life, can make the Spiritual Exercises outside of the 30 day live-in retreat, in the context of one’s daily life. A director accompanies the retreatant by guiding his/her prayer.

Home Retreat – An experience of a retreat carried on, at home in the course of daily living, for a period of 9 weeks. It is also a form of group spiritual direction, led by a trained retreat guide.

Guided Retreats with specific themes

Weekend Programs/ Guided Retreats at the Cenacle Retreat House, Quezon City

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