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Silent Retreat in January – The house welcomes all who desire a silent retreat with the Lord. Options are available from overnight recollection, weekend, 3 days up to 30 days of Ignatian retreat.  Book your retreat with us today.



February 3-4        Praying Our Life’s Questions   (Sr. Kriz Lam, rc)

This retreat will help young women to pray and discern some common questions in life. Take a glimpse into your life option – religious life in the Cenacle, as we share with you our history, way of life, passion and mission.

Open only to single women, Catholic, 21-35 years old.


February  17-18        Soulful Aging   (Dr. Dido Gustilo-Villasor)

“Aging with soul means becoming who you are essentially. You keep going over your experiences in a spirit of wonder, telling your stories again and again. You get to know more about yourself and you act from that knowledge. None of this is superficial. Identity has nothing to do with ego; it emerges gradually from deep in the soul.”         Thomas Moore, Ageless Soul


Youth is not generic; it has personality and individuality. You need a youthful figure in you, not just youthfulness. “If you really age and do not avoid it, your life will be worth living.”


February  24-25        Fire-tested Gold: Living with Depression in the Light of Faith   (Sr. Cecille Tuble, rc)

This weekend retreat is designed for those who suffer from depression, as well as those who take care of loved ones who struggle with this oft-debilitating disease. Through inputs, prayer, reflection and faith-sharing, the participants will be led to see depression not only as a medical condition to be dealt with proper medical and therapeutic interventions, but also as a vehicle of God’s healing mercy and faithfulness.  Like fire-tested gold, their faith will become stronger when the experience of depression is integrated within the greater context of their life as a whole, in the light of the God Who has never left them to suffer alone.

Note: participants who are clinically depressed (under medical care or taking anti-depressant medications) are required to present a medical clearance from their doctor.



March 3-4         Forgive and Remember:  A Healing Journey  (Sr. Malen Java, rc)


The weekend retreat will focus on the process of forgiveness as the path to healing our personal stories. The retreat will invite the participants to reflect and to pray with some strategies that could lead to healing.



March 10-11         Spirituality for the Second Half of Life  (Sr. Ana Malapitan, rc)

This weekend retreat focuses on how the transitions that we experience at this point in life are opportunities for assessing our task for a more meaningful future. We look into how we can deepen our relationship with the self, others and God. As we come to terms with broken dreams, with our call to creativity for the future, with making peace with our past and accepting the reality of limited options: we are invited to a deeper spirituality in our lives.


March 24-25            Palm Sunday Retreat  (Sr. Angie Villanueva, rc)

A Lenten journey of prayer contemplating the life of Jesus as he begins his Passion. This is a silent retreat.


March 29-April 1             Holy Week Retreat                      (Cenacle Sisters)

This Holy Week, come away from the busy and demanding work environment to a place where Love awaits. This is a silent, directed retreat.



Artwork by Sr. Ghislaine Pauquet, rc



April 14-15        “From Chaos into Joy”  An Easter Recollection  (Sr. Kriz Lam, rc)


A weekend to pray about life’s transitions as one enters into adulthood: new relationships, new heartache, new job, new way of life, new responsibilities etc.

This program is designed to help young adults (ages between 21-35years old) to enter into the experience of the Resurrected Joy of Christ, making sense of what is happening in the chaos, challenges and opportunities.

April 21-22        Outreach Program



May 5-6       Inner Gold      (Dr. Dido Gustilo- Villasor)

“When we awaken to a new possibility in our lives, we often see it in another person. When we project our gold onto someone….that is the sign that something is changing in us.”

Robert Johnson  (author of INNER GOLD: the psychology of projection)

There are many symbols of Changes within, becoming more conscious of our relationship with self, others and God. In Jungian psychology, one such symbol is GOLD. Guided by lectures, active imagination, and story telling, participants journey through the psycho-spiritual realms: unknowing, recognising, owning-movements needed in Claiming one’s Inner Gold.


May 26-27  Finding God in the Workplace :Exploring the Spirituality of Work            (Sr. Ana Malapitan, rc)

This retreat-seminar will lead participants to explore the work place as Holy Ground where God meets us. Encountering God who, in our toils and labors, opens us to discover the sacred character of work – both gift and privilege, a sharing in the creative power of God so that to experience work in this light is to be led to life and wholeness.



June 2-10        Come to the Waters: A 6-day guided retreat

 (Sr. Meny Vera Cruz, rc & Sr. Ana Malapitan, rc)

For those whose hearts long for a longer time to commune with God in the silence and solitude of an Ignatian guided retreat. This opportune time will be a silent retreat with common points presented by a retreat director once a day. The retreat director and another Sister will be available to see retreatants individually if he/she wishes. T the retreat is based on the exercises of St. Ignatius.


June 23-24      Prayer & Discernment: From Faithful Listening to Faithful Living       (Sr. Ana Malapitan, rc)

This retreat-seminar will help the participants to develop a growing sensitivity to the various interior movements and dynamics that influence their spiritual becoming.  The participants will be introduced to the Ignatian dynamics of prayer as a tool for opening them up to the process of cultivating a discerning heart.