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Advent, according to a Millenial.

Be patient. God is present even in the spaces of waiting.  – Sr Meny, rc.


Among the Advent figures shared to us during the Advent Retreat in the Cenacle, Simeon was the figure who spoke to me significantly. He did not rush God or rush himself. He’s a figure of waiting with “trembling expectation” and lasting hope. He knew who the focus of his life was and this awareness moved him to be vigilant in his waiting. Finally meeting and holding Jesus in his arms was all that mattered. No one else mattered more to Simeon but Jesus! What a reward!

As I reflect on the meaning of Christmas as a young professional, and a millennial who is used to a fast-paced society, I begin to ask myself: “Who is Jesus to me — the One whom I wait for? What are my deepest desires? What am I willing to let go or set aside to make time to de-clutter my heart?”

A millenial like me longs for someone who can understand and know the depths of my heart even if I dare not utter a single word. I long for someone who can still my restless soul, calm the storm within, as I rush and push hard to meet every deadline.

I long for someone who can shed a light of hope to my dampened dreams, give life its meaning and purpose. I long for someone who can fill the emptiness within me that I know this world can never satisfy.

Jesus, who Simeon longed and waited for, is the same Jesus whom my heart yearns.

This Advent Season invites me again to pause, tarry and ponder so as to ready my heart to welcome Jesus. Advent also gives me the space and capacity to notice less of my concerns but more of the concerns of the very next person in front of me. This will be an opportune time to let others feel that Christmas is real, that Jesus is real. Like Simeon, may they be comforted in knowing that God fulfils His promise, even through us! And we are never alone.

Now the waiting will be as exciting as Christmas day itself!

O come, Emmanuel+

–  Ria

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